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Why I selected Mike Brown as a music teacher:

     First, I wanted to locate a piano teacher that taught using the Suzuki Method.  My daughter had studied with a  rigid but well-intentioned lady who worked strictly with sheet music.   It was not until after years of practice that I urged her to sit down and pick out pop songs by ear and she was surprised that she actually could.  This past week Mike assigned my son a song that seemed over his head.  I told Mike that he had not taught my son eighth-note triplets and extra high notes in the staff.  He said, “yes, I know, but he can play at a level by ear that is higher than what he can read.”   Yes, I thought, perfect answer.

     Second, I wanted to locate a teacher who is passionate about music and actively seeks playing it as an important part of his life.  Mike plays in jazz bands, plays at his church and enjoys his contact with his students.  My six year old son says Mike makes playing music “easy and fun.”   My son says he wishes he could have a piano lesson every day.

    The last piano recital of his students consisted of about 25 students.  The age range ran from age 6 to 17 and and their musical selections drew from many genres.  All had their pieces memorized and the level of talent was high.  Some of the pieces were beautifully played and moving.

     How would you feel if you were the teacher and the recital ended?  Tired and ready to pack up?  Not Mike.  Mike was sitting at the piano, inviting various students to play duets with him.  (totally improvised and just for fun).  Mike loves music, it comes out again and again in his interactions with his students.  Check out this video and you will see his enthusiasm at work.  (On the Facebook page)

Richard Smith

"My children have been taking piano lessons with Mike Brown over the last 8 years and we have been so happy with their progress. Mr. Mike really takes the time to understand how each child learns best and tailors his teaching method to best fit their needs. He is very positive and makes their assignments fun. My kids are lucky to have such an encouraging teacher to guide them and develop their love of music."

Amanda Jury

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